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I use org mode + org-roam w/ spacemacs.

Here I listed some shortcuts that I found useful.


  • change task state with prefix t. Relating config:

      (setq org-todo-keyword-faces '(("TODO" . "pink")
                                     ("DOING" . "yellow")
                                     ("DONE" . "green")
                                     ("ABORT" . "red")))
      (setq org-todo-keywords '((sequence "TODO(t)" "DOING(i)" "|" "DONE(d)" "ABORT(a)")))
  • add a new task: T
  • add a subtask: M-t

org-toggle: prefix ,T

  • link display ,Tl
  • pretty entity: ,Te
  • inline image: ,Ti

org-insert: prefix ,i

  • insert structure template (src, quote, etc.) ,ib
  • insert link: ,il

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